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Insight, events and courses to help you and your organization decrypt, demystify and decipher BlockChain Technology and the future of money and decentralized trust.

UnChainD specialize in making blockchain and cryptocurrency simple to understand and relevant to your business. We provide practical guidance on how blockchain could disrupt your industry and effect the everyday life of your customers and partners.

UnChainD doesn’t just help you learn blockchain terminology – you also get to “Meet the Makers” – gaining actionable insights direct from the blockchain entrepreneurs who are building the future.


We offer the following courses at our centre in Liverpool Street

We can also curate bespoke courses for your company, industry or market. Get in touch here to discuss your options with our team

BlockChain Xpert


BlockChain for Marketers

Blockchain for BEGINNERS

Cryptocurrency & the Future of Money


Unchaind Consulting acts as a boutique advisory that helps blockchain companies both pre and post launch. We assist our clients in gaining traction within their desired verticals, geographies and markets. By leveraging our community of over 20,000 technologists and our multi – industry network we are able to work with our customers and partners to assist blockchain organisations in the following areas:

  • Commercial Partnerships
  • Developer Evangelism
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Product and technology development
  • ICO advisory

Our founders have worked across multiple Fortune 500 organisations as senior executives. They have also raised money for multiple early stage companies and worked both with and for start-ups as they determine product/market fit and transition to scale-up organisations.

Our consulting practice will work with your blockchain company on a tailored approach that meets your business needs and KPI’s. Please contact us for more information and to enable us to scope and price what’s needed.

About us

Unchaind was founded by a distributed team working across the UK, the USA and Europe. Our founders have worked for BBC, Publicis (Entrepreneur in Residence) and multiple brand and commercial clients. Our founders also ran the UK’s first peer to peer fintech innovation program at the National Endownment for Science Technology and Arts (NESTA) in 2010. They have also worked both with and for start-ups for over 15 years and understand how to articulate complex new technologies elegantly and simply in both a corporate and training setting.

Unchaind courses are powered by the teams at MiniBarLabs and New Finance. Between us we manage Europe’s largest communities of entrepreneurs and technologists working in blockchain, digital technology and fintech. We connect you to over 23,000 people building the blockchain future.

Who we work with

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