UnchainD: Blockchain for Beginners – Compact Introduction

2 hour introduction

Location: Central London, or on request

Get immersed in distributed ledger technology and learn about programmable money.

Course Aim

This course is designed to be a compact and quick introduction to demystify blockchain technology and learn about its potential transformative effects on your industry.

The course is taught by experts in Blockchain technology and you will be introduced to real blockchain start ups.

Why UnChaind?

Blockchain technology has the potential to change finance, money and almost any other kind of trust based transaction. Venezuela has issued its own crypto currency, Switzerland and Russia are considering doing so and Facebook and Mitsubishi are working on their own proprietary blockchains. Goldman Sachs, The Bank of England, HSBC and many other financial institutions have started to invest in the technology and begun to partner with the most promising blockchain companies whilst the UN and many governments are starting to consider regulations.

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt many industries and market segments. Applications range from transforming supply chain management, to revolutionising housing and energy markets, content distribution and many other sectors.

Yet like every other technology blockchain comes with new terms, acronyms and concepts that are challenging to understand and are developing (and often changing) fast.

This course will enable you to understand the transformative effects of Blockchain on your industry and clients, but will also highlight its limitations and enable participants to see through the hype.

Course Content

  1. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Introduction
  2. Applications – Case Studies: Supply Chain Management, Real Estate, Energy, Creative Content – Meet Industry Leaders
  3. An introduction to cryptocurrencies and trading – From Bitcoin to Ethereum – what is the difference between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake – what is an ICO

This course lasts two hours. The cost of the course is 150 GBP per person (excl. VAT).

To book either call 07917 154 917 or send an email to hello@unchaind.io

The course is brought to you by MiniBarLabs in partnership with New Finance. We have delivered educational programmes to staff from companies and institutions including Procter & Gamble, Publicis, TripAdvisor, Adidas, BBC Worldwide, Diageo, Money Supermarket, Renault, CapGemini, UBS, SCA, British Council and many more.